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Marc and Will Rienas

Dear Bob and Bill,
Thank you for all your support over the years in helping us reach our full potential as student athletes. As runners, we experience strains, sprains and even fractures and your knowledge, expertise and professionalism is the best in the area! With your past help, we were able to quickly recover and reach our dream of competing on a national level, and ultimately resulted in being recruited by fantastic D1 schools such as Northeaster University and Harvard.
We are so grateful that PEC physical therapy/sports medicine was there when we needed relief fast and helped us to make top performances when it counted. As high school and now college athletes, we are confident that when we need help, the very best team is simply a phone call away.
Thanks again for all your support and treatments.
Marc and Will Rienas

Marc and Will Rienas

Student Athletes

Happy Customers

I have been a Physical Education teacher, Health specialist and coach for the past 39 years. Pain and agony are the two words that come to mind when I think of rehabilitating my knee, especially for the third time. They say "the third time is a charm" and that is true when discussing where I decided to have my physical therapy sessions this time. The Therapists at PEC have been extremely helpful and professional during my visits at their Norwood facility. They know the correct questions to ask; they listen to my answers, observe my progress and modify each of the therapy sessions according to my condition that day to maximize my improvement. Their friendly demeanor and constant encouragement have made my physical sessions a pleasant and productive experience.

William Keith

Patient: Knee Rehabilitation

I am very satisfied with the results from the treatment my patients receive at PEC... they have an expert team of Physical Therapists

Dr. Robert W. Doldge

Englewood Knew & Sports Medicine Doctor

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Janet Douglas


I have had pt several times over the last 15 years for knee and wrist surgeries.

By far PECPT is the best!!!

I will be advising all my health care providers, family and friends.

Thank you Bob, Bill and Jeff for being there for me!

J. Roberts

Therapy after knee surgery.

Billy Gilligan got me pain free in like less than 10 sessions; taught me stuff to do "on the road" to keep my knee, hamstring, and glute "relationship" working, so to speak.... Best listener of ANY practitioner of this stuff and very thorough with BOTH follow up, and specific inquires to my progress. I highly recommend if you're an aging athlete like me, for sure - these guys are the best I've experienced in the Northern Valley Area. Worth driving a 100 miles, to get treated, seriously.

Scott P.

Pre-hab and Re-hab for knee pain

Bill rehabbed me from my double hip, double shoulder and right knee replacements and I feel pretty good, he keeps you highly motivated, I don't thing any other physical therapist could have done what he has done.

Jeffrey Malwitz


Extremely Professional and caring. I want to thank Bill, Jess and Bob for all they did for me. I highly recommend this Rehab to anyone in need.

Monika Sackman